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Google is now responsible for your Wi-Fi Security

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Chromebook Review - Part 3

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Text-Free Music from The Church Tech-50h



Free Contemporary Christian music … along with information about recording in home studios.  Check it out here! OK, well, don’t get too excited. It’s not from anyone famous or good or anything … but it’s free! And it is original music recorded in a home studio.


The Church Tech goes Mobile!




We recently formatted our site to recognize mobile devices and pads so that you can take The Church Tech with you wherever you go.  We have noticed an ever increasing number of you are using your iPads, iPhones and Android devices to read our articles.  Now you have access to all the advice and training on the go!  Enjoy!

The Church Tech Store



We just opened our new store, The Church Tech Store.  It has lots of stuff that every church tech needs.  From computers and networking equipment to sound boards and amps.  We have also created a special “CT Picks”, which is equipment that is recommended by The Church Tech.  When you need to kill a little time, head over and browse through all the cool stuff.  Quality equipment, great prices and fast delivery.  What more could you want?

FREE Sound Tech Training


Mixing Console

We have put together a basic sound training course right here on this site.  It’s free and it is just what you need if you have questions about running sound at your church.  It’s designed to be an entry level course for individuals who are just getting started at running sound.  It covers issues from “What does this control do and why would you use it?”, to less concrete subjects like “How do you get a good mix?”.  Start now!  Lesson 1 only takes a few minutes!.